Three Popular Restaurants In And Around Antioch TN

There are 68 restaurants in Antioch TN according to a travel site. That’s pretty good for Antioch being a neighborhood and not an actual city. It is part of Nashville, and so you can always branch out if you feel like traveling outside of the neighborhood of Antioch. Antioch is a great community though, a very popular neighborhood in Nashville, and you might enjoy the following top restaurants in the area.

Angelo’s Picnic Pizza is located at 2713 Murfreesboro Pike, and boy does that pizza look good. It’s not NY style pizza, but hey, all pizza pies are good if they are made with passion. This is Chicago style pizza, and the crust looks scrumptious. It also appear that they put plenty of cheese on their pizzas, too. And get this, Angelo’s Picnic Pizza has a lunch buffet.

This next place has a really awesome name, and it would certainly be an establishment I would have to check out if I were in Antioch. The name of the place is Puffy Muffin Dessert Bakery & Restaurant. It is located at 229 Franklin Road, and notice that it’s also a restaurant. Biscuits and gravy actually make the menu highlights. I bet a bakery makes some really awesome biscuits. There are all kinds of great treats on the menu, and so Puffy Muffin Dessert Bakery & Restaurant is one of the best stops you can make.

Are you in the mood for a burger? If so, the best place to stop in Antioch is Burger Republic. Burger Republic is located at 6900 Lenox Village Drive, and the classic burger is one of the best. There is also a black and blue burger, Tennessee burger and much more on the menu. And oh my goodness, the restaurant serves up a Nutella shake. Nutella is being used more often on desserts these days at restaurants, and at this place, you can enjoy a Nutella shake with your burger and fries.

That’s three of the top restaurants in the Antioch area. There’s so many more to explore, however, so you might want to join me next round for what’s good to eat in the Antioch neighborhood. I’m going to take you by more of the restaurants you don’t want to miss. Don’t forget about these dining establishments though. You’re going to love stopping by these popular places, and they’re going to show you just how awesome Antioch and Nashville are.